Google Video Partners are partnerships formed through which Ad service?

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Google Video Partners are partnerships formed through which Ad service?

  • Google Local Catalog ads
  • Google My Business
  • Google Showcase ads
  • Google AdMob

Correct Answer:

  • Google AdMob

Google Video Partners are partnerships formed through which Ad service?

Answer Explained in Details about Google AdMob: 

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About Google Ads Video Certification Answers

With Google ads, you can choose different video ad formats and campaign settings for different marketing goals. These video ads appear across the web and on YouTube, which receives visits by more than 2 billion users targeting specific topics, keywords, and demographics to hone in on your audience. At the same time, they watch their favorite videos to identify your marketing objectives.

Before creating your video campaign, the marketing goals you select as you build your campaign will act as your campaign goals if your goal leads for the website traffic your campaign will drive clicks and relevant conversations. If your goal is brand awareness and reaches, your campaign will reach viewers on YouTube and across the web. Your campaign will drive interactions and engagements or help you promote products if your goal is product and brand consideration.

Who are interested in your brand and product story you can select a single ad format or multiple ad formats depending on the marketing goals you’ll need to create an ad group for each format some formats serve more than one goal TrueView video ads are skippable in-stream ads that can be optimized to help you achieve your specific marketing objective whether brand awareness and reach product consideration or driving leads they play before during or after other YouTube videos and can be skipped after five seconds true view.

For action ads influencer viewers to act with clickable calls to action and true view for each ad stretch impressions and expand reach using the cost per impression buying models true view discovery ads let you engage your audience during key moments of discovery on the YouTube homepage search results and video pages they can also set alongside content on partner websites these are great for increasing brand consideration with an audience that can be more engaged and interested in your brand you can also make use of additional ad formats that don’t fall under the TrueView brand but that can also help you reach your.

Marketing goals non skippable in-stream ad allow you to reach customers with your entire 15-second message as they’re not skipping use needs to drive brand awareness and consideration bumper ads are six-second ads that are designed to help you fish and ly drive impressions and reach with short memorable messages YouTube masthead ads appear at the top of the YouTube home feed on desktop mobile and TV screens and work to drive awareness with a massive audience radio gets started review these Google ads Help Center articles for step-by-step instructions on how to set up the campaign reach the right audience and measure the success of your true to video ads all from within Google ads

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