Oscar’s been asked to create a video asset for a new Google App campaign. To follow video asset best practices, what should the video focus on?

Hey, iCertificationHelp Team has found the correct answer to the question Oscar’s Been Asked To Create A Video Asset For A New Google App Campaign. To Follow Video Asset Best Practices, What Should The Video Focus On? bellow is the solution to this question, and the correct answer is marked as a “Green Colour“.

Oscar’s been asked to create a video asset for a new Google App campaign. To follow video asset best practices, what should the video focus on?

  • Comparing the app against other industry apps.
  • A behind-the-scenes look at how the app was made.
  • Portraying people using the app.
  • Showing the app and its functionality.

Correct Answer: Showing the app and its functionality.

Oscar’s been asked to create a video asset for a new Google App campaign. To follow video asset best practices, what should the video focus on?

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What You will Learn from Google Ads Apps Certification Exam?

Demonstrate your mastery of creating Google App campaigns to deliver business impact. Certified users will show they understand the fundamentals of campaign creation and advanced optimization strategies. By earning the Google Ads Apps Certification, Google recognizes your ability.

  • Explain how App campaigns drive marketing success by enabling user discovery and engagement
  • Create an App campaign to meet a specific marketing goal
  • Elevate the performance of an App campaign with advanced strategies for campaign, creative and measurement excellence
  • Enhance app quality and discoverability

So many people really just wanna hate what’s in it for me what are the actual benefits if I go through this process if I work hard if I pass this exam. What what is it for me what are the benefits of becoming Google Ads Apps certified and so I’m here to tell you that it does very it varies by the certification it always varies thank you so if you’re looking at becoming a level one Google certified educator I would say the biggest benefit is what you’re gonna learn and if you think you know everything already one you should rethink that because that’s not a really good mindset I went in I was very arrogant in the beginning.

when I started with the Google certification process and I didn’t know everything in fact if you think you know everything about Google it’s gonna change tomorrow anyway so just get ready for that but the ability to integrate G. suite tools in your classroom in a meaningful way is a whole other level than just knowing how to use G. suite tools and that’s really the focus of both level one and level 2 so you’re definitely gonna take your skills to a new level you’re gonna take your student skills to a new level.

you’re going to engage our students in new ways you can really transform your classroom if you want to so it’s not only working hard to to learn and to pass an exam but also working hard in your classroom but I also want to tell you if you were connected educator you will become even more connected by becoming Google certified and by connecting with other Google certified educators.

it’s like a family it really is and so I learned so much online from other people other Google users other certified educators and trainers all because I’m a connected educator I tell people all the time that I’ve learned more on Twitter than any conference I’ve ever attended and I go to a lot of conferences so. Just to save the benefit is just in getting that certificate and that adds that to me is a misnomer that’s not really what it’s all about yeah that’s a great thing to have and to prove your skills but you’re really opening doors to so many other things now take that to another level if you’re considering becoming a Google certified trainer I will tell you that is the one that transformed my career and like no other so I learned so much through the process I began training others on using tools.

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