The Backlink Analytics Report Helps Users Compare Backlink Metrics For Several URLs.

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The Backlink Analytics Report Helps Users Compare Backlink Metrics For Several URLs.

  • True
  • False

Correct Answer: True

The Backlink Analytics Report Helps Users Compare Backlink Metrics For Several URLs.

Answer Explained in Details about True:

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This exam is for SEO specialists with a knowledge of SEMrush who want to check and document their skills in this tools. SEMrush is a comprehensive award-winning suite for digital marketers. For the longest time, we are the “go-to” toolkit for SEO specialists around the globe. But we know that our SEO toolkit can seem really overwhelming at first – with over 25 tools in its arsenal and endless capabilities. To make your introduction to more smooth, we are about to reveal how you can make the most of SEMrush SEO Toolkit. Without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

Your entire SEO experience starts with our SEO Dashboard. The SEO Dashboard contains key SEO metrics that provide a helicopter view on domain optimization You can easily connect your Google Analytics and Search Console to keep track of the key metrics in one place. Once you’ve taken a close look at your own metrics it’s time to move on to competitive research. And the biggest benefit SEMrush provides is its Traffic Analytics tool, or what we call here the “Google Analytics for competitors” – the data is based on clickstream data, or real users’ browsing history. The report includes all the key SEO metrics for a competitor’s site with monthly data, along with information on locations and devices from which the users visit their site.

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