What Is The Google Network?

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What Is The Google Network?

  • A network of partner websites that will show your ad.
  • A network of hardware devices, including chromebooks and android phones where your ad can appear.
  • The term that embodies all of the places where your ad can appear.
  • The collective term for Google’s professional support staff that can answer your Google Ads questions 24/7.

Correct Answer: The term that embodies all of the places where your ad can appear.

What Is The Google Network?

Answer Explained in Details about The term that embodies all of the places where your ad can appear.: All of the places where your AdWords ads can appear, including Google sites, websites that partner with us, and other placements like mobile phone apps.

The Google Network is divided into groups to give you more control over where you’d like your ad to appear:
The Search Network: Google search results pages, other Google sites like Maps and Shopping, and search sites that partner with Google to show ads.
The Display Network: Google sites like YouTube, Blogger, and Gmail, plus thousands of partnering websites across the Internet.

if you have more query regarding this question, then please do visit the link for more details: https://support.google.com/partners/answer/1752334

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